How to find lost laptop with mac address

Can a MAC address be traced?
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If your computer was stolen but you know the MAC address of your network card , it might be tempting to look for a MAC address finder or some sort of central database that can track MAC addresses. Unfortunately, this isn't something you can do. The same is true if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi and you found their MAC address in the list of connected devices on your router.

It'd be great if you could look up that MAC address and cross-reference it with a master list of names and addresses of people with MAC addresses, but this, too, isn't possible. As you've probably gathered from the introduction, computer makers and people who buy computers, do not have to register their MAC address with any sort of central administration. Because of this, there isn't a way to find a stolen computer from the MAC address, or to find the identity behind one of these addresses. Oct 22, 23, 0 58, All u can do is look in the pawn shops in your area and check Craigslist and such.

Computrace LoJack for Laptops states that more than personal computers are stolen each year. When a laptop disappears at an airport or coffee shop. Jan 30, A MAC address is a unique bit number and assigned to every network interface. If your computer has multiple network interfaces – say both a wired Ethernet.

Good luck though. Feb 16, 3, 0 22, Not a perfect solution, assumes the user can and does login, but at least then there's a chance. Prey is cool: Nov 3, 2 0 18, 0. No but you can register the model number with several organisations and the local police to see if it pops up. That's about all you can do You must log in or register to reply here. Networking 1 Sunday at Networking 5 May 14, Similar threads. Started by rcazadilla Sunday at Internet speed drop after connecting laptop Started by jarnevertommen Feb 10, Replies: Gaming PC slower network than laptop!

Finding the owner of a MAC address isn't so straightforward

Started by Crazygoldfish Feb 6, Replies: Ports won't open on my main pc but works on my laptop Started by markaabo Jan 15, Replies: Internet randomly stops working on my Win 10 laptop Started by burtburt Jan 12, Replies: Started by Anthony Nov 3, Replies: I know that the first 6 characters are linked to a manufacturer, but can the entire MAC Address be traced to the original buyer, maybe if they bought tge item by credit card or other payment method? Possible, I suppose, but highly unlikely. And also something that might vary from one retailer to another.

In my case the ex-wife took 2 iPads and a laptop and cash. I took it as no chance to recover. After about a year an iPad appeared. Mom said it was from a Verizon promotion, free when you buy her model of mobile phone.

MAC addresses are unique – sort of

Apple and Verizon both never heard of a promotion like that. Its only one step in the chain of communication. Please say yes. No one that steals a laptop is going to change the wireless card aka the mac addy. My bicycle was stolen last week, and I think it would be a waste of time driving around looking for it even though it would be much easier than driving around stopping at every house looking for a MAC address.

How to trace a MAC address

I will be very thankful to you if you will help me for the same. I will pay fees also for the same. MAC ID is: Please read the article you are commenting on.

How can I get the MAC address from my stolen laptop so the police can trace it? - Super User

It answers your question. To sum it up: We cannot help. That would make it impossible to identify the device remotely the way you can with a phone.

The phone has the IMEI which is necessary for connecting to the mobile network. It is connected to the wireless network card in the computer. In the case of a laptop, this is usually embedded in the motherboard, but can be circumvented by using a USM wireless card.

Ok, so if I understand you correctly, MAC for tracking is a non issue. What if the device broadcasts or searches for a firmware update? Is this not MAC specific and directed only back to the requestor device? I am in the process of installing and connecting through another connection for my office. The wireless feature has been removed from the modem and will be disabled from the get go. The modem and computer will not be connected to the outside world, but only to the WWW through ethernet. So, no intrusion or attacks may be suffered. NO chance, basically. PC has been reformatted, OS reinstalled. I had the same question. I would like to know even if I take all the necessary precautions what can a hacker do with a stolen mac address.

How can i trace my lost laptop using MAC address.

Should I add another router with disabled antennas to increase the security regarding mac addresses? I had to save all e-mails offline, including other information and all accounts have been scheduled for deletion, and ultimately even my hotmail email accounts have to be deleted. So, If I have done the needful what can a hacker do, through the internet, with a stolen PC mac address. Again, I will not be connected through the wifi antennas to the outside world or any other device to the PC or the ISPs modem, right form the start.

I have had to request delinking of information from my bank accounts as well, as well as putting the internet banking facility off. I have taken care of that end by understanding that these accounts record IPs and update the devices and will not be logging onto them through the ethernet PC.

How to trace laptop with the help of mac address

Infact they will all be deleted and I will access them through the wireless setup only through a different machine connected to the wireless. So for e. So the PC will be afresh with an internet connected in the manner I described above, with the antennas clipped form the start and everything refreshed.

MAC addresses travel only so far, usually

Started by Big Yesterday at 7: Similar threads H. When you talk to Google you talk to the to the server going thrue each layer ip , tcp, MAC, physical machine,…. Not on your MAC address. Just because manufacturers don't always adhere to this does not negate the design. Do you have any evidence that today's NICs don't have a burned in address? I don't mean to be a debby downer, but depending on the model of the network adapter, the MAC address can be changed.

My query is regarding the stolen mac addresses only. Honestly, a single router, properly secured, even with Wi-Fi enabled, is quite sufficient for most folk. Leo even published his MAC address in this article and no one can use that to hack his machine. The best action you can take in this case is to do nothing other than follow safe internet practices. All my e-mails were being uploaded.

The browser kept saying uploading in the bottom task bar everytime I used certain sites, including my private hotmail. Private information was being stolen.

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Pressing the reset button on the router did not restore administrator control. It would go offline for minutes, something like two minutes, even though connected to it through a LAN cable, during this procedure. I then learned about other devious inventions. Read The Article. Technology With Confidence.

Is MAC address filtering a viable wireless security option? I'll explain why the theory fails. I'll explain. I'll explain why that is and why it's a good thing. Dealing with Browser Problems. Next post: