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You can rebless it by booting to System 6. A: Info-mac has some localized keyboard layouts. Open the keyboard layout you want to add and the KCHR resource within it as another window. Select the layout from the Keyboard Control Panel. With System 7 and up you can just drag 'n drop the layout on top of the System Folder. Tip 1: ShrinkWrap and Disk Copy 6. Unfortunately, MountImage has a serious bug that can cause data corruption if the original image file is split into more than three fragments when stored on disk.

How to Find a File on a Mac

In this case, MountImage can lose track of some data fragments, blindly reading and writing to blocks that may not belong to the image file, which can overwrite and damage other files on your drive. So with System 7. Resurrect your old Plus or SE that does not have a SuperDrive without having to replace the board in the computer impossible on the Plus; expensive on the SE.

AEHD 3. There also used to be Drive 2. It could also format them to a proprietary 2. A1: Attach the Plus' external hard drive to another mac which has a HD floppy drive. Boot the other mac - the external HD should appear on the desktop. Reattach the external HD onto your Plus. Shutdown the macs when connecting the SCSI-cables.

Boot with a System 6 or 7 floppy see above for a source for System 7. Get also StuffIt Expander 4. A2: Use an Iomega Zip drive or other removable media. A4: Get a Mac to PC null-modem cable, connect the serial ports and transfer files using terminal programs. It is also possible to directly connect two modems thus bypassing the telephone company. APT 2. If it finds that it is running on a Mac Plus, it will install version 5.

If APT 2. Make sure that other Zip drives don't update the drivers automatically. The battery is found behind a relatively easy to open door on the back of the machine.


You have to keep the battery removed for about an hour to guarantee the PRAM contents are lost, because a capacitor on the logic board which actually maintains power to the PRAM of these early machines takes at least a little while to drain free of charge. Install System 7. Then you can mount shared volumes and folders between macs connected via a LocalTalk cable or a cheaper and better Farallon PhoneNet cable. Also a simple ImageWriter cable does just fine although you can connect only two macs using it.

EtherTalk is just a driver which allows AppleTalk protocol to be transported by Ethernet. Only MacPPP 2. MacTCP is included in System 7.

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  • Cricket Graph data and graph files!
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MacPPP 2. Note that MacPPP 2. Note that there is a memory related bug in MacPPP 2. Opening Preferences". This prevents one from properly closing the internet connection. Commercial FCRppp 1. It connects the DB25 connector on the modem to the mac's 8 pin modem port connector. There are some modems that require a power pin, not available on a Plus.

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There are also some limitations such as the the Plus not having incoming flow control. This limits the speed you can set the serial port before you have a lot of overruns. Some included software may also not work on macs eventhough the modem may otherwise be OK. Solder a two foot long red wire to the keyboard cable's yellow wire. Solder a two foot long black wire to the keyboard cable's black wire. Viewing from the solder end, you'll notice the pins arranged in a trapezoid pattern. Solder the black wire to the upper right pin r b o o solder end view -Insulate all your splices.

You now have a snazzy-looking baud modem attached to your Plus. But wait. There's more! This software is slick as can be. A: Try first and increase it gradually; do some downloads with Fetch to test the speed you're getting with compressable.

Powerful omnibus software that takes some getting used to

Reply CyborgSam Prolific Posts: Threads: 15 Joined: Jul Reputation: 20 at at David Charlap wrote: With respect to cracking the glass, the main body on the back is just as thick as the front - it needs to be, in order to contain the vacuum. Discussion is locked. In the Mac version was gone, along with price lists. Hands Off! Reply rbegleiter Active Posts: 47 Threads: 1 Joined: Jul Reputation: 4 at at Shalom Rackovsky wrote: The best outliner ever produced for the Mac and possibly for any platform was, in my opinion, the one built into FullWrite Professional, which was also in my opinion the best word processor ever produced for any platform.

Q: How can I connect slotless macs like the Plus to direct ethernet? Note also that SCSI ethernet adapters are quite expensive and slow. Eudora Light 3. MacSOUP 2.

The Dead Zone: Mac statistics software that appears to have been abandoned

Cricket Graph III (Mac abandonware from ). CricketGraph was a graphic software program for the Apple Macintosh by Cricket Software sold These graphs could be saved in common image formats such as PICT and EPS and added to other documents. Although this package was written cleanly enough to run on much later versions of Classic Mac OS, the feature.

MacWeb 1. MacWeb 2. NCSA Mosaic 1. GIFs are limited to colours and need less memory to display. Note that you can't change GIFwatcher's default settings including the window size once the DA has been converted into an app - you have to set it up the way you want first, then run it through DA PiggyBack. Q: How do I cancel an action in MacWeb 1.

A: Type command-period many other programs use this as a standard, too. If the default screen in MacLynx is too big it is possible to open lynx. The home page or sometimes called the menu page from Internet Config can be invoked with the 'm' key.

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There are many more options in lynx. Using ResEdit, open MacWeb 1. Create a string for each server for which proxy support is not wanted. Import data, visualize, analyze and create publication quality graphs. Discover New Mac Apps. Mac Update. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog.


Sign in with Facebook or. Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. DataGraph 4. Simple and powerful graphing program. Download Now. Quickly create basic graphics. Highly customizable.

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Combine data from multiple sources. Function fits and basic statistics. Easily analyze huge datasets. Create publication quality output and animations.

Version 4. An issue with the mask column Tweaked: How the click action is specified. Similar Software.