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Q&A: Mountain Lion’s notifications

Download facebook notifications for free (macOS)

You can click the Close button to dismiss the alert, but you can also click the Show button to go to the application in question and see what just happened. In this example, you see an alert from the program Transmit telling me my file upload is complete.

The Notification Center

Open System Preferences, select the Notifications preference pane at the you may be mistaking Chrome's notifications as OS X notifications. I found it. Account Settings>Notifications>How You Get Notifications>On Facebook>Play a sound when each new notification is received.

If this were an alert for Mail, on the other hand, the Show button would display the email message the alert is telling you about; with the Messages app, clicking that button would show you the message; and so on. Whether you select Banners or Alerts depends on how important it is for you to be notified. A: Yes.

terconsvelas.tk You can also choose whether to have an alert sound played when a Calendar notification comes in. You can, for instance, determine whether notifications will show mentions and replies from only people you follow or from anyone.

Getting Your Notifications

Thanks for clarifying! Apple Support Communities. So it appears impossible to turn off the sounds? OS X's notifications take their cue from iOS. Only one nickname may be associated with an Apple ID at any given time. I Accept Privacy Policy.

Click the rightmost icon in your menu bar—the one with the three lines—to display it. Depending on your settings, different applications can display their notifications here. As mentioned earlier, you can choose to have an application display an alert or not, but it can also show its notifications only in the Notification Center.


You need to choose which of your applications display in the Notification Center. To do this, scroll the list at the left-hand side of the Notifications preference pane until you find a divider labeled 'Not in Notification Center'.

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Then, drag the apps you want from below that divider to the top section. You can choose the order in which apps display as well.

Full Facebook integration comes to Mac OS X 10.8

From the bottom of this preference pane, click the Sort Notification Center menu and choose either By time with the apps you've most recently received alerts for listed at the top or Manually in the app order you've specified in the Notifications preference pane. The Notification Center offers a quick way to hop to applications that need your attention: Just click an item to open the parent application. A: One way to view the Notification Center is to swipe from the right side of your trackpad with two fingers to the left.

How To Enable Facebook integration in OS X Mountain lion

Swipe back to the right to hide the sidebar. Go to the Keyboard pane of System Preferences, click on the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, and then select Mission Control in the left-hand column.


Check the box, double-click the rightmost part of its line, and then enter your keyboard shortcut. I find it easier to set up a hot corner. With this, I move my cursor to the corner of my screen to show Notification Center. To do this, go to the Mission Control preference pane, click the Hot Corners button, and then click one of the menus to choose Notification Center for the corner you want to use. A: You can turn off notifications temporarily until the next day by Option-clicking the Notification Center icon in the menu bar.

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Also, if the Notification Center is visible, scroll down, and a Show Alerts and Banners toggle switch will display; use this to get the same result. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions: Q: What can notifications notify me about? Next, we guarantee, that there's nothing between your Mac and the Facebook servers: We do not store your Facebook credentials remotely or collect any of your data, promise. We don't want to make money with your data!

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