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8 Must-Know Terminal Commands For Every Mac User
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  • Launch an OS X Terminal Window from a Specific Folder;

With this time-saving shortcut, you can open a new Terminal window from any folder simply by selecting it from the context menu. How often must you go into the Terminal to execute a command from a specific folder?

Mac OS X Yosemite - How to show/hide hidden files and folders

Does your work require you to sometimes dive into the command line, or do you prefer to do as much as possible through commands? Regardless of which camp you're in, anything that shaves precious seconds off of an IT task will be welcomed with open arms. That's why this time-saving shortcut is a godsend, especially to anyone who prefers to use the Terminal.

  • Open Current working directory in Finder from Terminal – Mac OS X;
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  • Open Terminal.
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Best of all, the shortcut doesn't require additional software or modifications to macOS--all you have to do is enable a setting, and it will work seamlessly from any Finder window. Let's review the steps below. A new Terminal instance will open automatically mapped to the path of the folder you highlighted previously Figure C. If you work extensively within the Terminal shell, you've no doubt relied on Terminal's tab feature to toggle Terminal sessions.

Open or quit Terminal on Mac

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How to Launch Terminal in the Current Folder Location on Mac

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Launching a Terminal Window in the Current Folder on a Mac

Mac: By default, Terminal always launches into your home directory. in Finder, just right-click a folder and you're shown the open to open Terminal Finally a service to open a terminal from a specific folder | Mac OS X Hints. As of Mac OS X Lion , Terminal includes exactly this functionality You cannot simply have the folder open and run the service "in place".

Since this question is old now, I decided to write what I did, even though it's not that satisfying. You need 2 clicks, 2 menus and shortcuts do not work. I really hope that apple will do something better in the future.