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ARP – Detailed Analysis

ARP, Reverse ARP(RARP), Inverse ARP (InARP), Proxy ARP and Gratuitous ARP

On a computer, the ARP cache contains only recent hosts that have had communication sessions. If the IP address you are trying to communicate with is not in the ARP cache, the address needs to be resolved.

The following figure shows the first step in this process. Notice that the target hardware address is the broadcast address for Ethernet.

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The data request is placed on hold until the address is resolved and an ARP request is generated and sent onto the network. The opcode for this type of packet is 0x, denoting that this is a request. The packet is sent to the local hardware broadcast address, so every computer on the local network segment sees that frame and processes it.

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Upon processing the frame and reading the packet information, most computers discard the data because their IP address does not match the one being searched. If by chance, a host does have that address, it records the source MAC and IP address in its own ARP cache, knowing that if someone wants to talk to it, it will likely need to send data shortly, so it then builds its own ARP packet in response. The response ARP packet has an opcode of 0x, denoting that it is a reply.


The destination address is part of the L2 Ethernet header, whereas in the ARP request section the "Target MAC Address" is all zeroes as it. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) maps the IP address to the MAC The destination MAC address (target) field is ignored during a request.

Logically, it uses its address as the sender address and the sender of ARP request as the target. This is especially important when virtual machines are moved between hosts. When network links come up e. This is often done if a network works with self-assigned IPs.

It is also useful to detect IP address conflicts.

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The sad state of affairs is that the two are in no relation to each other. For example, we could poison the ARP cache of a target machine like this:.

What is ARP? – Address resolution in networks - IONOS

This will effectively poison the victims ARP cache so that they send any traffic they intended to send the router to your machine. You could even go one step further and, instead of specifying your own MAC, send the traffic elsewhere. Yes, ARP is basically a free-for-all. ARP is a very basic protocol, but due to its open nature it lets you do all kinds of shenanigans. When ARP fails, it is quite hard to debug because its functionality is taken for granted. I'm a DevOps engineer with a strong background in both backend development and operations, with a history of hosting and delivering content.

I run an active DevOps and development community on Discord , come in and say hi! If you run on Linux you can check the ARP table with the following command: ip neigh. Did you learn something? Why not share it?

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