Mac sports red folding wagon

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Our new favorite wagon! - Toddler folding wagon

Google Adsense. Actually, I think it would be very nice for hauling small children. This is the best price anywhere! Reply Inaccurate Kathleen S on Nov 16, I plan to have my grand daughter in it when the weather gets warm again. She will be over 1 year old and hopefully will stay put. I do plan to make a 1 inch thick pad for her to sit on as it isn't padded enough to me. I mainly bought it for flea markets and such, but it has been very helpful around house too.

This is not a wagon that a child would play with. This wagon is one that an adult would put things in to haul around. I use it to put my tent, air mattress and other supplies to haul to a camping site. A friend borrowed it to load boxes for moving. It is more industrial than a child's wagon. I don't have kids, but given the sturdy construction I'd guess it might be fine assuming that the children held onto the sturdy metal sides. It's very well-built and carries up to pounds. It is easy to pull and turns well.

I love it! The manufacturer states that it is not intended for children. However, I have found that it holds my children just fine: I love this wagon since it is multi-purpose and it folds up so nice. I keep it in my vehicle at all times! I don't think I would use it for a child to play with. It folds up nicely, but with kids playing with it, it has too many pinch point. I'm a soccer coach and I use it for myself to carry gear to and from the soccer field. The wagon does not have a solid bottom like a typical wagon.

It has bars going across the bottom that would support weight but I would think it would be uncomfortable.

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They can but I would look at a different one if that is the main purpose. Visit our other sites: My stayed in my trunk for about a year and a half because it was so convenient. Heavy Duty. Nice wagon. Not anymore. I haven't tried riding any children in the cart I use it primarily for yard work moving and hauling dead branches and leaves.

I think it's mostly for transporting items. I am not sure, that may be a question for the manufacturer. I bought it for festivals for a friend who hauls tons of chairs, coolers and blankets to the festival site. This will make it easier to tote. The warning say not meant for kids but mine use it.

I have a 11 yr old that I pulled around in it after he hurt his foot in a soccer tournament. My 2 and 5 yr olds also ride in it. Believe weight limitations were about lbs. Small child could sit in it but not flat on bottom. Great wagon tho. I don't know.

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We bought it for our son because he is a Little League coach and hauls a lot of baseball gear to and from the diamond to his car. Although i have seen parents pull kids in it, i wouldn't recommend it. Sides and bottom are canvas and framework folds and may catch fingers.

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Yeah, but it's not meant for that. The sides are higher than a Radio Flyer, so it would be safe. Add some pillows on the bottom. Just for carrying toys, it would make a great toy box, if you wanted to put kids in it, I would just put small kids. Maybe just a small child because it does not have a hard bottom in it. NO, I think it could be quite dangerous. Great for groceries! We have have had kids ride in it and pull it. Does the handle retract or fold somehow? A shopper on Nov 11, The handle does retract and also pushes unto a clasp that holds it in place against the wagon. It also has a flip locking mechanism that keeps it from sliding closed while in use. Reply Inaccurate Laurel H on Nov 20, The handle slides to half it over all length. When it is completely folded it makes a neat flat square with the wheels hanging out.

Mac Sports Folding Wagon | eBay

The handle retracts for storage when it is folded up. The handle also locks in place. Nice wagon.

Can't answer as it's still in the box and will be a Christmas present. Handle retracts and snap-locks in upright position for storage. Yes, It slides down and locks to the front. Does it come with a table top.? A shopper on Jun 7, Just as shown with a case for it when folded. No table top, just what you see in the picture. No, this does not come with a tabletop. No it doesn't come with a table top. No, it doesn't. I hope this helps. Assume this will collapse to fit into a trunk of a car - have a Buick LaCrosse? Debbie C on Jun 10, Oh, yeah, it'll fit just fine. It folds flat and it's sturdy enough that you can pile stuff on top of it.

The handle does stick out a bit, but you can use it to carry it folded up. It's not a problem. Our cars are similar to yours. I have a Kia Rondo, which is a crossover similar to your Buick. The closed dimensions are It folds accordion style front to back. I have a Toyota Highlander and fit the wagon with 3 bag chairs and a large cooler in the back. And I usually have some room to spare. We use it for going to soccer games. Hope this helps. Yes, collapses very easily and fits in its own nice fabric bag, small enough for most any car trunk.

I love this wagon! I actually put it on the floor behind the passenger seat in my Prius. Great wagon. Had it collapsed with other luggage for 4 people in the trunk of a Toyota Camray for trip last summer. Yes it does.

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My stayed in my trunk for about a year and a half because it was so convenient. It folds up very easily and will fit into any size cars truck or back seat.

Mac Sports Folding Wagon

Yes it does - this is one of the best things I ever bought! This wagon does collapse. It doesnt take up alot of space. It will definitely fit in a car trunk when folded up. It does collapse and fit into a trunk of a car.

Yes it will! Does the liner have to be removed to fold it up? Laurie W on May 1, No it doesn't. Besides the nylon cover the wagon is one piece. Folds nicely to fit in any car. Opens to carry a large heavy load. Large heavy duty wheels. Very durable. Love mine and would buy again if something were to happen to this one! There's a small plastic handle in the middle of the bed of the wagon, and, as you pull it up, the wagon folds up. There's a red cover for the compressed wagon. It's easy to maneuver, and it's very sturdy. This is a great wagon! No, the liner does not have to be removed to fold up the wagon.

The liner and frame fold up together. You will love this wagon. Nope, it just folds up as is and you side the cover over it, buckle the straps and away you go. The wagon folds up really easily with just a pull of a string - liner and all!! It collapses very easily.

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You just pull up on a small handle in the center. No assembly required. Included cover for storage. Weight capacity: This wagon folds easily and includes attached handles for easy transporting. We stand behind our products. Quick and easy setup. Great for carrying sports gear, camping gear, beach gear, groceries and also for yard work. Durable D polyester fabric for easy cleaning. Folding feature provides for easy storage in closet, on the Easily haul your gear with the Mac Sports folding utility wagon.

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It opens in S! It folds easily i We aim to show you accurate product information. Adjustable handle that can also lock into place. It folds easily and includes attached handles for easy transporting. The fabric is easy to clean with a quick wipe of a towel or clean with soap and water. Remove cover, undo the closure on the handle and it practically opens itself!