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Mouse without Borders Controls Upto 4 PCs With Single Keyboard & Mouse

The software lets you use your mouse and keyboard on up to four computers running Windows. Overall, MwB is a quick and easy program to get you working with multiple computers fast. It won't provide that comforting sense of world domination as it only allows four computers, and only works on PCs, but it's great for home users.

Window Switch makes it easy to connect network computers to share individual applications. Win Switch allows you to launch applications from one computer and continue to work on them seamlessly on another. Share Applications Credit: Nagafix. Win Switch is a great program to have at home or at the office.

Hands on: How one mouse can control multiple PCs with Microsoft's Mouse Without Borders app

You can begin a project at your desk and finish it up in the break room on your laptop. Update : Those looking for a more premium experience can head on over to Multiplicity. Multiplicity is a KVM software developed by Stardock. This includes PC or Mac with Bluetooth connection, smartphones, and tablets from a single keyboard and mouse. Free - Free trial available. Free - Price upon request. Win2VNC is a program where users access two machines from the same keyboard and mouse.

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Similar to Share Mouse. Share Mouse Software. NET runtime were futile So you never solved the issue and continue to see it to this day? Or you just stopped using VS or this particular add-in all together? I've lost interest in participating in this thread. I don't frankly care if you believe me. The crash occured and the. NET runtime kindly informed me that it was unaware of where the crash was occuring.

I'd post it here, but I'd prefer it were not linked to my name as Googling the error message reveals my only post. I had to reinstall Windows to resolve the issue. NET runtimes did not resolve the issue. Just so happy to see that I've been downvoted with no explanation to how my comments violated HN principles and I'm being accused of being incompetent and stupid. If I'm so incapable of reproducing issues and "demons in a machine" is so laughable, why exactly does the "Unhandled ExecutionEngineException" exist and why was it more than trivial for me to reproduce?

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Jump to bottom. So yes, more than just a limited Synergy. This means that with Mouse without Borders you can copy text or drag and drop files across computers. May be tricky to get started at first. And THAT is the reason it is hard for external people to actually figure out the underlying issue or a good work-around. See Full Bio.

So now three MS people doubting me, mocking me, and suggesting win32 as remotely comparable to open source style IRC rooms. This is just sad, and ironic as all get out considering the fact that my original comment was that Microsoft and community don't play nice together. Don't you see that irony? That's unfortunate. Like any other program it too can have bugs and situations that it fails to handle gracefully. They are not untraceable or uncatchable in any way, I have caught and debugged a number of them.

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In my experience it is actually preceded by an SEH exception that the CLR itself will catch and translate into the rather generic ExecutionEngineException, so watching for first chance SEH exceptions is generally more fruitful. So when I point out that 'untraceable uncatchable exceptions' don't exist you see that as mocking you? Or was I the doubting one? I am simply a software engineer, like I assume you are. I was pointing out some things don't exist. As for 'the. NET runtime informing you that it was unaware of where the crash was occurring', the.

NET runtime would never be aware of such a thing as a crash is a crash. It means the exception found no handler and the process was terminated. Figuring out why is what a debugger is for, not the runtime. It is strange that you want to hide your identity so much. Not really, 'the community' doesn't consist of a single person. I am active on the MSDN forums in my area of expertise.

I am also active on my team's blog. In the course of such activities I regularly encounter trolls, I am not saying you are one, just saying they exist. To 'play nice' with a troll is pointless. Some people have axes to grind and no matter what you say or do they will be upset, there is no point trying to help those people. Also, if people are rude from the get-go I tend to not bother helping them, since I generally am spending my own free time to try to help them out, and there are lots of other things I could be doing.

Civility is kind of the minbar for what I expect of them. Sorry, that was rude and dismissive of me. My comments were never about the communities being civil or friendly, they were about them being in existence. There is no equivalent for many of the support channels I enjoy in products that do not come from Microsoft. For the third time, I will note that I don't find this a fault of Microsoft at all, but just something that happened as.

NET grew among developers around the world. It was merely a point of discussion and honestly I was more curious about.

3 must-have freeware apps for multiple desktops

NET developers that leap for Microsoft products and tools in the face of strong alternatives, than I was interested in hearing Microsoft employees defend their products or coming across myself as attacking them. If I have seemed that way, I apologize sincerely.

Mouse Without Borders for Windows Review

I don't know how "uncaught and untraceable" had an ambiguous meaning. Obviously I don't work at Microsoft and can't just fire up a debugger attached to the VS source to track down an issue. I find it bemusing that "you can't reproduce the issue or track it down", turns into, "well, it would be hard to debug without the source".

No joke.

Control Multiple Computers with Mouse without Borders

From where I'm sitting, that tends toward "blame the bug on the user" bait. As for the last two paragraphs, I'll merely hope that it wasn't a veiled attempt to call me a troll, considering that I merely expressed my experiences and the support structures available to me and then was told that I was wrong and didn't know what I was doing. I merely wish that the support forums were better, and that there were community lead resources for Microsoft products.

Maybe it's untenable of me, maybe I should just accept that I need to come to Microsoft when I want help or guidance with Microsoft-fostered technologies. Hehe, I'm certainly not going to say they're more friendly or civil, in fact, likely the opposite. Yet, I still get answers quickly and get a more lively discussion about issues that are never even broached in the Microsoft "communities" a forum does not count as a community, and certainly not channel9's 4 generic categories. I hope this clarifies. I'm simply genuinely curious as to the fundamental nature of how the global community of.

As for my identity, I have strange and history-backed reasons for doing so. I'm paranoid down to the last pixel detail of my Facebook privacy and that's probably the only thing personally identifiable on the Internet for me outside of work related posts on MSDN forums. I'm just weird like that. No, what I meant is that you CAN catch the exception and probably get a stack trace, Microsoft, for reasons that are beyond me, generally has stripped symbols on their public PDB servers, so when customers send me stacks even with symbols resolved they say meaningless things like msenv. And THAT is the reason it is hard for external people to actually figure out the underlying issue or a good work-around.

If the exception is coming from within VS code then you don't have much info on the stack. A lot of times it is coming from a third party dll I group MS out of band releases here as they use the same extensibility APIs that third parties do for the most part , and having those symbols is also unlikely as lots of companies don't even have symbol servers, so resolving those stack frames can be a no-go as well. Some of this is unique to Microsoft, though I would have the same problem debugging Google or Apple code if I didn't have proper PDBs or source access, so I don't know if this is solely the fault of Microsoft, though their public symbols being stripped is stupid don't get me started on how I can't even GET internal access to Office PDBs without a 'business need' They generally run into lots of people that come, demand answers, are generally rude all around and then leave without ever saying thanks Me too, that is why I try to help out at the forums for the product I work on.

Unfortunately I don't agree with all of Microsoft's support approaches, but no company is perfect, at least not one I have found. I think the lack of a two-way community has to do with Microsoft being a for-profit entity.

Setup: Still rough around the edges

People feel that if they have problems Microsoft better damn well fix it now, and they don't have interest in helping others out, that's Microsoft's job. There is some decent community on StackOverflow around MS technology, much better than MSDN Forums, but even that can be hit or miss and generally the best answers end up coming from Microsoft employees, most of whom are helping out in their free time as most of them are definitely NOT paid support people, so they can't really spend their work day answering questions, at least not too much of it if they want to make all their commitments happen.

Yep, as I alluded to above my own personal feelings have to do with Microsoft's history most of the people involved in the most egregious things are gone or at least 'reformed' enough I doubt they would be so 'bold' as they were back then , the fact it is a for profit company and the fact that it seems harder for whatever reason to get people in the community with a lot of knowledge there are a lot of folks not at Microsoft that probably know part of my product better than I do to 'give back'. First of all, excuse me , I'm not sure what I said to warrant such an adversarial response.

source link Channel9 is not even remotely close to a support or technology centric forum. There are what, 3, 4, main forums with everything just shoved in there. I've wasted more countless minutes trying to make a bug report or question look intelligible with this software both here and in the Azure support forums Not even close to what I'm talking about.

Nor is win32 appropriate for. I've been there before in times of desperation. I didn't find my reply to be troll bait at all edit, if parent was referring to my other post on this thread, I'm happy to address my reasoning there, and shall. As I mentioned, I'm not the first to bring up the disparity of community among Microsoft products on HN Why is it necessary for Microsoft employees to release tools under the Microsoft brand and control?

This would be far better suited as an open alternative to Synergy, though that will surely never be the case. Maybe lay off the kool-aid next summer. This isn't a battle, it's a perception as a developer who comes from an open-tool, open-community centric background who found the stark difference of the Microsoft-stack community to be a bit behind the times. I love c-sharp and. NET, we don't need to be extreme about this.

It sounds like these projects are often rolled into MS properties fine but are otherwise only allowed to be released "every once in a while", only if there is "a lot of request from employees who want to be able to share it with their friends and families", according to this very article.

Or what exactly? No one bothered blessing me with a explanation for why I've been crucified here.

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What ever, this is sad. Jacob4u2 on Sept 11, I don't think the "Garage" is necessarily a separate unit. Fair enough shamefully a bit bored and trying to create my own entertainment Must be slow news day on HN if this is on the front page. You don't, however, I think the article is playing up the word "innovation" a bit too much. All I see is some guy who works for Microsoft writing a program to make his life a little easier.