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Help getting controller working?

Music in the game is very subtle but is forever present in everything you do. At times it can really add to the tension levels. The character models are fantastic, especially the aliens.

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In fairness though all the character models and animations sequences are well designed across the board. The UI and options menu s are slick and easy to navigate.

I say this because Game Ranger does not currently support Xcom for the PC and why should it when Steam would be the preferred option for PC players, right? If you do plan to purchase the game via the App Store you will need to install an enabler utility to allow you to use the Game Ranger matchmaking service.

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If you purchase from other digital stores or the Feral store you need not worry. The game has been optimized beautifully for the Mac platform, allowing for lower end machines running only a MB card to run the game at a smooth frame rate.

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Feral, really are becoming masters at optimizing games for OSX. Now as always Feral have done an outstanding job supporting the game with a selection of gamepads but the only way to play this game is the traditional way with a keyboard and mouse. You WILL get your ass handed to you time and time again, but this is all part of its charm.

This is a must own for anyone who fancies themselves as a master strategist. Take your time whilst playing this game and become immersed in this conflict between man and alien. Make this your experience by tailoring the game you to your play style. Good luck Commanders.

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D, it was just a minor gripe, not something I felt worthy of putting in the review as this is a great game. The controls are never fully explained to you in the tutorials. I played this on the pc first, and I feel like the intro mission explained everything well enough… There was a bit of trial and error, but I like it when a game treats me like I have enough brain cells to intuit certain things. I just recently had to reload back to like the second mission because three countries left the project.

XCOM 2 supports Valve’s Steam Controller but not traditional gamepads

And that faceless guy was disappointed in me. Just saying. I know they came out at the same time, but their gameplay is just so different and they appear to take place in two completely different timelines. Well, it takes place in the same universe but it was developed by another studio and the gameplay is more like Specs Ops The Line than the original XCOMs.

Logitech F710 controller on Mac OS X

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This free tool uses the data from every game we've ever tested to show you what games your Mac can run. Presentation The game is aesthetically pleasing with its stylised but bright art style. Performance The game has been optimized beautifully for the Mac platform, allowing for lower end machines running only a MB card to run the game at a smooth frame rate.

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Yes. XCOM: Enemy Unknown supports two categories of gamepads: Xbox controllers (which require you to install a software driver) and other supported. Released on Mac in June Gameplay hints and walkthrough linksStuck? Maybe our Can I play XCOM: Enemy Unknown with a gamepad? Can I play.

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Resident Author. D on April 28, at pm. It would be nice if you wrote a bit about why you think the controls are bad.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Review

Mark Gregory on April 28, at pm. Phil on May 1, at pm.

clerehedtenlo.tk Mark Gregory on May 1, at pm. Who doesn't like brutally snuffing out Nazis with the same ease of cracking a knuckle? I can't imagine there are many Jul 29, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince release date announced in new Aug 09, This year developer Frozenbyte is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of its Trine franchise and earlier this year they announced the upcoming release of their Aug 07, Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Global Achievements. Devilupmental View Profile View Posts. Been trying for the last hour or so to get my wireless controller working, to no avail. Showing 1 - 15 of 29 comments.

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Wangopolis View Profile View Posts. The start button on mine skips cutscenes and the right analog moves the curson around the map but that's the only functionality I've been able to get out of it Millertime View Profile View Posts. In the vidcast of multiplayer between a Firaxes member and 2K Games member, the host was exclusively using a controller to play.

Logitech F controller on Mac OS X - Dog Is My Copilot

Maybe something was borked in a later version? I was hoping to be able to use the wireless controller also. Controller works for me. I plugged xbox controller in via usb. Then started game went to options and changed the control options to xbox controller. Toggle navigation Home. Contact Copyright Privacy.