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List of McDonald's ad programs

Our range of products includes more than alloys. If you buy complete wheels, we mount and balance them with state-of-the-art machines. This way the wheels you receive can be installed without further ado. You can select suitable tyres from our suggestions for your rim. To make things easier for you we have developed a comfortable 3D wheel configurator.

Enjoy this unique shopping experience when purchasing your new alloys on our website!

How to order at McDonalds in French when in Québec (#) | OffQc | Québécois French Guide

Do you also need suitable tyres for your rims? No problem!

List of McDonald's ad programs

Big Mac®. CHF - Prix recommandé non contraignant. Bun au sésame IP- Suisse, salade croquante, fromage fondu et la légendaire sauce Big Mac. THE BIG MAC index was invented by The Economist in as a lighthearted guide to whether currencies are at their “correct” level.

We offer perfectly compatible wheel and tyre packages for your car, mounting and balancing included. With our state-of-the-art machines we ensure that you receive ready-to-mount complete wheels at home, including all necessary accessories, so that nothing stands in your way when you let your engine roar again!


Try our Wheel Wizard! We filter our products according to your wishes.

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Do you prefer large or small wheels? Would like a sporty, timeless or eye-catching design? Maybe you are looking for a premium product. There is something for every taste at Felgenoutlet. Discover it yourself and enjoy browsing through our shop! What we focus on is a safe and comfortable online shopping experience for you. We offer various payment methods. Apart from common payment options such as PayPal or bank transfer you can also use your credit card. Shipping within Finland is free of charge and you can track your order at any time in your customer account on wheeloutlet. If you are not satisfied with the products you have ordered you can send them back within 14 days upon receipt.

In any case, our customer support team is happy to help you. For our parent company — German eTrade GmbH — satisfied and happy customers have been the most important goal since its founding in Meanwhile more than 85 employees in our head quarters and logistics centre work for your satisfaction!

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At wheeloutlet. More than , happy customers have already benefited from this service. In order to make shopping even easier a unique vehicle configurator was launched in and is enhanced by our 3D developers every day. Our 3D Wheel Configurator I asked for a take-out lunch and I was served. I had to wait for more than 5 minutes. After that I received the order but to my surprise the Pepsi was delivered to me bare without any packing. I asked for a paper bag but I got refused twice. I would have appreciated to hear "We are sorry sir, but according to our policy we cannot dispense bags for drinks" but I got back "Pena droit".

The cashier asked the server if he could give me one, but the reply was blunty "Pena droit, pas ti dire dans reunion gramatin". So, I was then aware it was a new company policy that was passed the same morning. I would like to ask you one thing sir, when we take a take away, are we supposed to take the drink in our hands and go through the city and even in buses if we do not have a means of transport!!!!!!!!!

That's ridiculous. What's a simple paper bag?

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Finally, I had to buy a plastic bag. I was shocked to find the cost of the bag to be Rs 4. The bag is the same as the normal plastic bag we get in the supermarkets or elsewhere. What is so special that it is costing twice the price. I would like you to reply me.

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Puis, deux ou trois mois plus tard, retour des due diligences. Next, James R. Back to top Home News U. The air contamination due to oil lubrication in oiled air minis and noisy operations of oil-free compressors are the major areas of concern, such as Netscape or Explorer. International Herald Tribune. Kroc was incensed that the McDonalds had not informed him of this arrangement. See the real index.

This is not my only bad experience. In the past I recalled that I asked for a ketchup and the waiter asked me for Rs. I am more than fed up of such companies that do not offer a complete service. I have never been refused of plastic cutlery or ketchup or a plate at KFC. There are some marks that distinguish the outstanding service from others.

As a disgruntled customer, I will never step again in any MCDonalds.

OFFICIAL RULES (the “Official Rules”)

A fraction of the serving compared to other McD in EU. Ice cream, Mcflurry and Milk shake. Had a bad stomach. Possibly, the Milkshake machine is not clean or at least not properly cleaned after close of business or possibly the machine is switched off causing the milk not to remain refrigerated and to go stale. Bonjour, Depuis 3 semaines, chaque jeudi, je pars avec mon fils de 2 ans a votre restaurant, pour le dejeuner, le menu etait tres bon, sauf seul petit bemol, mon fils se retrouve avec 3 meme jouets, des petites voiture bleues il en a 3 de la meme couleur, ca ne m'attire pas pour prendre un autre happy meal cette semaine-ci.

On devrait changer les jouets chaque semaine et non-pas la meme chose pendant 3 semaines. Merci de prendre en consideration ma demande.

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Good morning I really like mcdonald but can't understand why did i have to pay more for a like mayonnaise for my chips I was in london and i don't have to pay for it their I need to understand?? The menu has remained same for the last 3 years. The toilet is very dirty, smell very bad and the equipment is below normal standard.